5 Worst Internet Trends Of All Time

5 Worst Internet Trends Of All Time

Ah, the Internet. A wonderful place to exchange thoughts, ideas, and information. The invention of the Internet has caused humanity to become even more connected than ever before. Within seconds, people can receive updates on what's going on in the world around them -- and sometimes it's not worth reading. Every few months there seems to be a trend that sparks attention on the Internet. This causes people to participate in an activity and posting it online for laughs or feedback. A trend itself can involve somebody doing anything, which is why it draws so much attention. It causes to people to ask, "Who in their right mind would want to participate in an activity like this?" There are some trends born through the Internet that have resulted in positive feedback -- and then there are other trends that only received shame. These are the five worst Internet trends (so far).
1. Cinnamon Challenge

This trend came and went quickly, you'll see why. This trend involved participants to take a tablespoon of cinnamon (yes, raw cinnamon) and eating the entire spoonful at once. This punchline was that nearly every contestant would end up coughing the cinnamon out into a . . .

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