6 Poses You Can Use to Avoid Camera Shake

6 Poses You Can Use to Avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake is the bane of just about every photographer’s existence. It makes us use shutter speeds that are too fast or apertures that are too wide for the subject. We might even use a higher ISO to compensate for other exposure adjustments. It causes our backs to ache because we carry tripods around everywhere we go.

We invest in remotes, use mirror lock-up, and even trigger our shutters from afar with our smartphones, all in the name of getting photos that are as sharp as possible. But what if there was a way to minimize the blurriness of camera shake without any of the aforementioned tools?

No, seriously…

You can minimize camera shake without a tripod just by using your own body.

Here’s how.

The Heidi Klum

The simplest method is to simply tuck your elbows in, like Heidi Klum striking a pose on the runway. Doing so improves your overall stability while giving your camera additional support because its weight is transferred from your hands to your arms to your elbows and finally to . . .

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