Underrated Beaches Within 2 Hours of NYC

Underrated Beaches Within 2 Hours of NYC

Look, we love Rockaway and Coney Island (and not just for the tacos and hot dogs). But sometimes we don’t feel like running into our upstairs neighbors, our ex and half the office on our day off. These six lovely beaches are the answer.

Long Branch, Nj (1 Hour From Nyc By Car Or Ferry, 2 Hours By Nj Transit)
Didn’t get around to booking that Caribbean resort trip? No problem: This serene stretch of the Jersey shore has pristine sand, umbrellas and lounge chairs to rent, tons of dining options and some gorgeous oceanfront condos to ogle. (If you want to quell your jealousy for a night, check into the stylish Bungalow Hotel.) We're not sure how there are palm trees here, but there they are.

Asbury Park, Nj (1 Hour, 15 Minutes From Nyc By Car Or 2 Hours By Nj Transit)
Just south of Long Branch is another gem, featuring a wide boardwalk that passes through the beautiful skeletons of two old Beaux-Arts buildings, hip boutiques and restaurants (that would impress even the most discerning Williamsburg resident) and a serious live-music scene. Oh, and a happy hour for dogs—this . . .

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